1. When are you open?
    We are open from Friday to Sunday. Our hours are:
    Monday closed
    Thursday- Saturday 7:00a - 2:00p
    Sunday 9:00a - 2:00p

    * Sunday will have a limited menu

  2. Where is your store located?
    Our address is 306 46th Ave N, Nashville, TN, 37209. We are right past Sylvan Park in a small white building.

  3. Can I buy your products anywhere else?
    Here is a list of where you can find our products after hours.

  4. Can I pre-order/custom order products?
    Unfortunately, we do not take pre-orders or custom orders at the moment.

  5. Are your products really vegan and gluten-free?
    Yes! We are dedicated vegan and gluten-free facility.

  6. Are your products really organic?
    We try to incorporate as many organic ingredients into our baked goods as possible. Our vegan sugar, agave, several of our gluten free flours, extracts, syrups, coconut oil, and other miscellaneous products are Organic, as well as most of the seasonal fruits that we use.

  7. Do your products contain preservatives?
    All of our products are made fresh from scratch, with no added preservatives.

  8. What is the average shelf life of your products?
    Depending on storage, most of our products stay fresh for up to a week. Keep in mind, this excludes items containing fresh fruit.

  9. What is the best way to store your products?
    Our products will keep best when stored in air tight containers and sealed at room temperature. Most of our products may also be frozen, if they are to be kept for more than 3-4 days. Do not refrigerate (besides items containing fresh fruit) as refrigeration dries out baked goods more quickly. All products should be kept away from direct heat.

  10. Do you offer any products that are nut/soy free?
    The majority of our products are soy free. We are peanut free and also offer a variety of nut free items. While we are doing our best to keep items containing nuts separate from nut free products, we can not guarantee that there will never be any cross contamination.

  11. What kind of sweeteners do you use?
    Organic sugar, organic maple syrup, brown rice syrup. We also use organic agave and organic Stevia in a few of our products.